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Brass Idols
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About us: Brass is an alloy of copper and zinc and is extensively used for crafting beautiful idols of Hindu gods and goddesses. The natural shine and durability of brass makes it the most suitable material for making idols. The excellent look and resistance to corrosion makes brass an ideal...
Group: Brass
Granite Vigrahas
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About us: Granite Vigrahas
Group: Granite
Indian Paintings
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About us: Domus Art Gallery was established in 1994 in Kolkata and later branched out to Delhi. It has grown with a view to promote Contemporary Indian Art. The gallery has been continuously involved in the recognition and promotion of emerging talent, creating an awareness of art amongst old and...
Group: Painting
Tanjore Paintings
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About us: Tanjore Painting is a peculiar, ancient, miniature type of painting named after the place Thanjavur (called Tanjore in English) in Tamil Nadu, a Southern state of INDIA Tanjore (or Thanjavur or Thanjavoor) paintings have a very rich heritage. This style of painting has been followed...
Group: Painting
Gold Statues
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About us: 1. A gold statue with a height of 8.5cm. The statue, with his hair bound up, wears pearl decorations on ears and temples, and a coat with many pleats. He is sitting cross-legged with a finger posture of "Destroy Evils", namely, right hand on right knee, and left hand before belly with...
Group: Landscaping sculptures
Indian Religious Statues
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About us: We specialize in offering a qualitative range of religious statues, which meets the requirements of our customers accordingly. These are appreciated.
Group: Statuettes


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